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Packed for fresh market and food services

Product Specifications

Colour  Blue-green to purple-green florets, olive green leaves, light green stalks
Visual appearance  Fresh, compact heads, 3-6 narrow outer leaves retained, stalks with even fresh cuts, minimal leaves showing through or above head, no foreign matter
Sensory Pleasant flavour, no persistent off odours or tastes
Shape  With compact, domed heads, tightly grouped branches, floret size even over the head
Major defects  
Insects Clean of insect infestation
Diseases No fungal or bacterial rots in head, stem or attached leaves
Physiological disorder No large, old splits in stem; stem to be trimmed so length is similar to head width
Temperature injury No bleached or discoloured appearance
Minor defects  
Physical/pest damage Minimal harvest / packing damage
Skin marks Minimal white blister
Storage temp Refrigeration after harvest
Shelf life 2 weeks
Biological No E Coli present after final wash
Chemicals Compliant with legal requirements for chemical residues

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Additional Info

  • Seasons: All
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