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Packed for fresh market and processed for other businesses

Product Specifications

Colour  Mid to bright orange 
Visual appearance  Tops removed, minimal stalk, no excess foreign matter
Sensory Firm, crisp and juicy, slightly sweet taste, no foreign odours or tastes 
Shape  Reasonably straight, conical with even taper, medium to large size
Major defects  
Insects No obvious live insects
Diseases No fungal/bacterial rots
Physiological disorder Low number of woody carrots
Temperature injury Not applicable
Minor defects  
Physical/pest damage Forked/misshapen carrots, soft, limp, healed cuts to a minimum
Skin marks Old, large splits kept to minimum
Storage temp Refrigerated after harvest
Shelf life 3 weeks
Biological No E Coli present after final wash
Chemicals Compliant with legal requirements for chemical residues


Colour  Intense orange
Visual appearance  Cylindrical in shape, single pronged
Sensory Free from abnormal smell or taste, mature and firm, no bitter taste 
Shape  40mm – 180mm, cylindrical with tapered end
Major defects  
Insects None present
Diseases None present
Physiological disorder

No damage from harvesting, handling, extensive cracks, tops

Not woody
Temperature injury No dehydration/limp
Minor defects  
Physical/pest damage Some broken ends
Skin marks Fresh cracks only
Storage temp Store at 2-50C
Shelf life 14 days
Biological N/A
Chemicals Compliant with legal requirements for chemical residues

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