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Packed to customer requirements.

Product Specifications

Colour Uniform deep green leaves; green stem
Visual appearance Flat oval shaped leaves, with ridges along stem
Sensory Fresh clean taste and juicy stem: No foreign tastes or odours
Shape Medium sized oval shaped leaves: Flat stems with ridges
Major defects  
Insects No live insects / scale
Diseases No fungal or bacterial rot: No yellow mottling
Physiological disorder No crushed or bruised areas
Temperature injury No discoloured or wilting leaves: No dark water soaked areas
Minor defects  
Physical/pest damage No visual insect / pest damage
Skin marks Cuts, hole or splits less than 10%
Storage temp Refrigerated after harvest at +5ᵒC
Shelf life 5 days
Biological No E coli present
Chemicals Compliant with legal requirements for chemical residues

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