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Mesclun Mix

Packed for fresh market and food services

Product Specifications

Colour  Mix of green and red leaves grading from pale to dark green and pink to deep red.
Visual appearance  Fresh bright with loosely overlapping outer and inner leaves, firm and bright with white stem.
Sensory Crisp leaves with crunchy texture. Clean, freshsweet to slightly sour lettuce flavour with no off odours.
Shape  Long, deep lobed loose individual leaves with serrated frilly edges.
Size Height from base of leaf > 100mm. Span of leaves > 750mm.
Maturity No variation of maturity within box. Crisp leaves easily snapped.
Insects No obvious live insects
Diseases No fungal or bacterial rots
Physiological disorder No brownish spotting or russeting of leaves. Not soft, wilted or yellowing. No browning of leaf margins (tip burn)
Physical/pest damage No cuts, tears, bruises, holes or crushed areas on leaves
Skin marks No pinking brown spotting or streaking of the mid ribs of the leaves.
Storage temp +4ᵒ to + 6ᵒC
Shelf life 8 Days
Chemicals Grown using registered chemical only. Contaminants and Heavy Metals to comply with FSANZ Food Standards Code A12 – A14 MPC’s and MRL’s.


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